Numbers and Words

I am interested in how the ancient Egyptians imbued their monuments with numbers and words. In "The Idea behind the Architectural Design of Khufu's Great Pyramid" I explore the origin of the stunning geometric design conceived by the architect to create the most mysterious building ever made. This journey took me from dimensions and angles to orbits and periods; from the movement of the Moon and the brightest star in the sky to the ancients' keeping of time...and this journey ultimately led me to one of the most well kept secrets of the ancient builders: A code based on the creation of the universe as they knew it. I have also co-authored articles with Robert Schoch and Robert Bauval where we explore the true origin of the Great Sphinx. This quest led us to yet another ancient Egyptian creation story which deals with the invention of writing and the role of the lioness in creating and protecting symbolic language. Welcome to my website. I hope that you will find something here which will inspire you to
embark on your own journey to seek and discover as I have.

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    Excerpt 1 ...If you follow this central theme across the various myths, you will recognize it in the Osiris-Isis-Horus story,...

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    Excerpt 2 ...Petrie recognized the Great Pyramid's seqed to be 14 to 11 (=7 to 5 ½) and determined that...