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False Attribution

I just found out that a blogger called Jason Colavito made the following claim about me while criticizing a paper I published with Robert Schoch: "His coauthor, Manu Seyfzadeh, is also not a linguist but is a pyramid enthusiast who claims that The Orion Mystery helped him discover occult secrets in the Great Pyramid." (…
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Corridor Cross Problem

From Piazzi Smyth's 1867 Life and work at the Great Pyramid during the months of January, February, March, and April, A.D. 1865 : with a discussion of the facts ascertained
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Where is the Inside of the Great Pyramid?

When you enter the Great Pyramid, you are not coming the way it was designed. You are coming in through a tunnel made later; Al-Ma'mun's tunnel. In this photo, the staircase is modern. It leads up to the Ascending Passage which was not accessible after the Great Pyramid was originally finished. The Plugging Blocks can…
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Theory and Practice: The Pyramid Angle

Screen shot from the documentary about the theory of Jean-Pierre Houdin. These are the angle measurements Flinders Petrie obtained from various spots around the Great Pyramid using different methods. At first look, the differences appear small, but are they really? When you convert his measurements to the Egyptian pyramid angle scheme of palm per…
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Stonehenge: A Moon Clock of the Ages?

Stonehenge in England is famous for its Saracen "Sarsen" Stone Circle. Why it was originally built after 2600 B.C. is difficult to prove but the sky probably played at role (Gerald S. Hawkins). But there is something about Stonehenge most people don't know and that is a ring of 56 holes named after John Aubrey…
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Howard Vyse Two Months after Breaking into the Relieving Chambers

During the two-month period of late March to early June, 1837 Howard Vyse blasted entries into the four unkown voids above the King Chamber in the Great Pyramid. On August 6, two months later, he wrote in a foot-note about a cartouche of Menkaure that it was not alike those of his predecessors Suphis I…
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