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Howard Vyse Two Months after Breaking into the Relieving Chambers

During the two-month period of late March to early June, 1837 Howard Vyse blasted entries into the four unkown voids above the King Chamber in the Great Pyramid. On August 6, two months later, he wrote in a foot-note about a cartouche of Menkaure that it was not alike those of his predecessors Suphis I…
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A Synopsis of the New Paper: Major Geological Fissure through Prehistoric Lion Monument at Giza Inspired Split Lion Hieroglyphs and Ancient Egypt’s Creation Myth

In this paper, Robert Schoch and I searched for written evidence of a monumental lion statue at Giza. Here is what we found: At the very beginning of writing, over 5000 years ago, and seven centuries before the reigns of Khufu/Cheops, Khafre/Chephren, and Menkaure/Mycerinos, three symbols first appear depicting the front and back of a…
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The Number 41 and Giza Architecture

There was something about the number 41 at Giza during the Old Kingdom: The cemetery to the west of the Great Pyramid had 4 master-planned communities of the dead. The G4000 cemetery had 41 mastabas next to the main mastaba G4000, the tomb of Hemiunu, the alleged architect of the Great Pyramid. The width of…
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Like An Ancient Tourist Photo of the Giza Lion and its Temple

This wooden tablet was found by Flinders Petrie in the tomb of First Dynasty Horus-Djer at Um El-Qaab by Abydos. Note that this is from ~300 years before the Pyramid Age, when the Great Sphinx was supposedly first made according to conventional dogma. No need to describe what is being shown here except the three…
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Mastaba 17 at Meydum: Niched or Not?

In "Medum" Petrie reported that the now dilapidated brickwork of M17 near the Meydum Pyramid had no three-dimensional features like recessed panels and false doors on either side including the east side, where two other mastabas nearby, M16 and M6, do have a paneled feature creating the iconic palace facade. In "Medum", Petrie described how…
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