Like An Ancient Tourist Photo of the Giza Lion and its Temple

This wooden tablet was found by Flinders Petrie in the tomb of First Dynasty Horus-Djer at Um El-Qaab by Abydos. Note that this is from ~300 years before the Pyramid Age, when the Great Sphinx was supposedly first made according to conventional dogma. No need to describe what is being shown here except the three beings inside the square building: Baboons. Colossal ape statues made from black granite were found by during the German excavation of the Valley Temple led by Uvo Hölscher next to the Great Sphinx and the Sphinx Temple, for example. These statues sat high above the two entrees, the southern Hathor Gate and the northern Bastet Gate, into the temple in a specially made niche facing east, like the Great Sphinx. Who are they?

The Edfu Texts tell a story of Ur-Mehit, the great flood whence were shaped the seven words of creation uttered by the Memphite creator god Ptah in the moment of creating a world which separated heaven from Earth. Three of these seven Djajsw were the "Beautiful Front", "Equipped Behind", and the "Lord of the Red One's". The hieroglyphs used to write these names show baboons, but the front and back symbols are among the oldest known of Egyptian symbols. They depict the front and back of a lion, as seen in these two examples. The photo is from the Cairo Museum and shows an inscription on a false door jamb.

Oil jar inscription in ink. From Walter Emery, Great Tombs

The "Red One" alludes to the bloody snouts of the feasting lions and the red-tinged beer fed to Sekhmet to appease her rage against humanity in the New Kingdom "Myth of the Heavenly Cow" (i.e. Hathor or Ur-Mehit]. What do lions and baboons have in common? They look to the east, when the sun ("Ra") rises. Baboons make a very distinct sound when the sun comes up

How Baboons greet the rising sun
The Seven Djajsw and the Two Shebtjw. From the inner west wall of the Edfu Temple, upper register.
Beautiful Front, Equipped Behind, and Lord of the Red One's, all originally lion symbols, now in the manifestation of baboons.

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