The Mysterious Pyramid of Khufu’s son Djedefre

Today, we got special access to a lonely pyramid on a high elevation overlooking the entire Delta including all pyramids in Giza, Abusyr, Dashur, and Lisht...the strange pyramid at Abu Rowash attributed to Khufu's direct throne heir, Djedefre. Strangely, Djedefre's pyramid, which he called "starry tent", has no roof.  Was it designed that way or…
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Tomb of the Pyramid Builder

Our guide Issam showed us an underground tomb on the east side of the Great Pyramid in which was laid to rest a man who was involved in the building of the Great Pyramid at the time of Khufu (Cheops).  The inscriptions on the west wall of this tomb were simply breathtaking...and sure enough there is the cartouche of Khufu.....sieve, chick, snake, chick, surrounded by an oval frame.  Then, below you see a bird and the letter "t". This stands for "akhet" which means the glow at the horizon before dawn and below these two symbols you see "mr" which is the determinative (contextual) sign for pyramid.

Further below is the sign for libation (the pouring of liquid in memory of a deceased) and presumably the lighting of incense, though the latter I am not sure of.

Some pyramid researchers have doubted that the Great Pyramid was built by Khufu or even during the Old Kingdom.  This, despite the fact that there are several cartouches containing the name Khufu in the relieving chambers above the King's Chamber, the so called quarry marks made by the workmen who hewned the stones. Specifically, the most famous of these is in Campbell's chamber and has become subject to great controversy as to its authenticity. Some claim it is a forgery made by those who first opened these spaces in the 19th century. Others say the cartouche is real.  Either way, in one of the builders' tomb no more than 300 feet away from the Great Pyramid (indicating he was a higher level construction worker), we have independent evidence that the Great Pyramid was constructed during the same time as Khufu was king and these inscription look very real as you all can see.


The True Age of the Sphinx?

Some of you may have watched this recent Smithsonian production on the the true age of the Sphinx: In this documentary, five theories are presented: The Sphinx is much much older (~10,000 B.C.) than the Giza Pyramids and started out as a giant stone lion and was later "defaced" by one of the kings…
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The Pyramid on Elephantine Island

January 30, 2017 My main objective for this trip to Egypt is to visit Elephantine Island on the River Nile to see the ruins of a pyramid only discovered 35 years ago by a German team of archeologists. This pyramid is no tomb. It is made from granite and was probably a step-pyramid What is…
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The Strange Concavity in the Great Pyramid

Ask most people how many sides the Great Pyramid has and they will say three or four....but what about eight? Well, there are two rare moments each year, when it seems to have eight sides....on the spring and fall equinox. Is this an optical illusion or is it for real?  If it is real, is…
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Excerpt 2

Excerpt 2 ...Petrie recognized the Great Pyramid's seqed to be 14 to 11 (=7 to 5 ½) and determined that its height from bottom center to its top was 280 cubits and the distance from its center to its perimeter at the half-circuit point was 220 cubits. The length of its incline from ground-level center-side/half-circuit…
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Excerpt 1

Excerpt 1 ...If you follow this central theme across the various myths, you will recognize it in the Osiris-Isis-Horus story, for example, and the journey of Ra from sunrise to sunset, through the underworld at night, the duat, and back again to the world visible to the Egyptians. You will recognize it in the life-giving…
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