Excerpt 1

Excerpt 1

...If you follow this central theme across the various myths, you will recognize it in the Osiris-Isis-Horus story, for example, and the journey of Ra from sunrise to sunset, through the underworld at night, the duat, and back again to the world visible to the Egyptians. You will recognize it in the life-giving force of the River Nile as the coming and going of its waters and silt during the annual inundation. And you will recognize it in the cycle of time itself, Neheh, that sense of repeating past, passing, and still-come-to-pass on which we lean to gain our sense of destiny to arrive at the final place of fulfillment, Djet.

Religion to the Egyptians then was their way to make sense of their existence. They observed their world and looked in the only place they could not reach for answers: the sky and the heavens. These answers came in the form of mythical stories to explain that about which we ourselves wonder: Why are we here? What is our purpose? Who created us?

So while there may have been as many myths as years of Egyptian history to answer these questions and while these may have shaped the fates and fortunes of many a king and queen, their core concerns were as timeless as they were human. To understand the Great Pyramid, as you will see, really starts with realizing that we share those very same concerns with them in our time today...

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