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The True Age of the Sphinx?

Some of you may have watched this recent Smithsonian production on the the true age of the Sphinx: In this documentary, five theories are presented: The Sphinx is much much older (~10,000 B.C.) than the Giza Pyramids and started out as a giant stone lion and was later "defaced" by one of the kings…
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The Pyramid on Elephantine Island

January 30, 2017 My main objective for this trip to Egypt is to visit Elephantine Island on the River Nile to see the ruins of a pyramid only discovered 35 years ago by a German team of archeologists. This pyramid is no tomb. It is made from granite and was probably a step-pyramid What is…
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The Strange Concavity in the Great Pyramid

Ask most people how many sides the Great Pyramid has and they will say three or four....but what about eight? Well, there are two rare moments each year, when it seems to have eight sides....on the spring and fall equinox. Is this an optical illusion or is it for real?  If it is real, is…
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